National Poisoning Prevention Council

A Profile of the Council
Public Law 87-319 (approved September 26, 1961) requested the President annually to designate the third week in March as National Poison Prevention Week. As the official sponsor, the National Poisoning Prevention Council has worked to educate the public about preventative and safety measures.

Unintentional poisoning from a wide variety of substances and environmental hazards can happen to anyone, and represents a substantial public health burden in the U.S. The National Poisoning Prevention Council (Council) is an inclusive community comprised of representatives from the public, nonprofit, and government organizations with a shared commitment to poisoning prevention and education. The Council provides a collective voice to raise awareness among the American public about the risks, frequency, and consequences of unintentional poisoning occurrences, injuries, and fatalities.

The Council promotes poisoning prevention by:

Educating Americans of all ages about the risks of poisoning

Amplifying the poisoning prevention efforts of Council members

Sponsoring National Poison Prevention Week, the 3rd full week of March each year

The Council is open to national organizations with an interest in and commitment to programs aimed at preventing unintentional poisonings. Many of the members contribute financially to the Council, which permits the preparation of the materials described above. There are no membership dues, but these voluntary contributions are the vital ingredients in making the Council independent and the program a successful one. In addition to these contributions, each member organization devises a program reflecting its own interest in the general area of poison prevention and promotes it directly (through radio, TV, or print media) or indirectly (through its chapters or affiliates). Several corporate contributors have made general donations to the Council's work.

The Council meets several times a year to plan the annual observance, update the website and manage the poster contest. Conference calls are held monthly. Meetings are open to all Council members.

Council Chair:  Mark Gibbons, Director of Programs and Operations, Caregiver Action Network
Treasurer: Nancy Bock, American Cleaning Institute

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